Carpet Cleaning Sunshine Coast

Enjoy noticeably cleaner, healthier and fresher carpets in your home or work environment. Our natural, deep-down carpet cleaning service will leave you with visibly cleaner carpets whilst improving durability and extending their life.

Let’s face it; it’s tough to get excited about the need to clean your carpets. At Chem-Dry Carpet Solutions we understand how you feel, so we try our best to make this process as easy for you as we can. It’s our goal to get in and do the job professionally and efficiently with as minimal downtime to you and your lifestyle as possible.

The key benefits of Chem-Dry Carpet Cleaning

  • Carpets Stay Cleaner Longer:

Chem-Dry doesn’t just clean the carpet surface, or pressure wash the dirt down below the surface only to have spots re-appear as the carpet dries. You would want us to remove the dirt and unhealthy elements from your carpet … and that is exactly what we do. Carpets not only GET cleaner, they STAY cleaner for longer.

  • Carpets Are Hygienically Healthy:

Our expert technician will clean carpets and upholstery with a patented carbonating non-toxic solution, “The Natural”, which contains only totally safe, highly effective ingredients copied directly from Mother Nature. “The Natural” has a neutral pH, which means no harsh chemicals for you or your precious family members to have an adverse reaction to. With Chem-Dry your carpets are left clean, fresh, hygienic and healthy.

  • Have a Healthier Home:

Some other cleaning methods use a lot of high pressure water with a detergent to clean carpets. When performed by untrained operators or when the  “do-it-yourself” hire machines from the supermarkets are used, it can saturate the carpet and leave behind wet underlay and floorboards. Stagnant water breeds bacteria such as mould and other micro-organisms.

Chem-Dry uses a fraction of the water of most other processes and our patented carbonating solution bubbles up to the surface of the carpet bringing the dirt with it. Less water and carbonation equals a much healthier carpet and healthier home.

Tough on dirt but gentle on carpets, the process:

  • Deep cleans
  • Dries quickly
  • Is safe and non-toxic, even for kids and pets
  • Poses no threat of rot, mildew, shrinkage, or floor damage
  • Keeps carpets cleaner longer
  • Leave no dirt attracting residue to cause resoiling
  • Contains no soaps, detergents, surfactants, bleaches or phosphates
  • Can extend carpet life


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