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Water Damage Restoration Services

Chem-Dry Carpet Solutions offers superior water damage restoration services on the Sunshine Coast. You don’t have to live on a flood plain to be tormented by water damage. Something as simple as a leaky pipe, washing machine overflow or hot water cylinder burst can do extreme damage to your carpets, underlay and the floor underneath. However, Chem-Dry professionals are prepared to tackle most anything. From minor pipe leaks to flooding, Chem-Dry can help restore what would appear to be a lost cause.

It is more than just the wet carpet that is the problem when flooding occurs. The underlay and sub-floor areas will need to be dried as quickly as possible to stop the growth of bacteria & mould, which cause odour problems.

Our procedure for wet carpet is as follows.

  1. Extract excess water using our commercial strength vacuum
  2. Prevent water stains by applying browning treatment to carpet
  3. Inspect for damage to subflooring
  4. Set up drying equipment including  air movers and / or dehumidifiers – approx 24 to 48 hours
  5. Monitor drying process on a daily basis
  6. When the carpet is dry – relay carpet
  7. Steam clean and deodorise carpet

Notes on water restoration:

  1.  An area the size of a standard bedroom may take up from 24-48 hours to dry
  2. Do NOT use power sources of any kind in a room that has been flooded – including ceiling fans / air conditioners
  3. Turn off water source or call a plumber to assist
  4. Place barriers between your furniture and the water – use aluminium foil on furniture legs to prevent staining. Also lift material like bedding & curtains to prevent dyes from bleeding into the carpet
  5. Remove area rugs to prevent dyes from staining the carpets

Insurance Work

Each project is fully documented, photographed and recorded for the submission of insurance claims if submitted for reimbursement. Our company has had previous experience with most insurance companies and will provide detailed information of your loss. We realise this is a traumatic experience for most customers and our trained professionals will fully explain each and every process before the work begins.

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